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Established by Eyal Kidor in 1989, EYAL has become the leading financial & business information investigation firm in Israel.
Company staff consists of 30 highly trained employees, providing services to major banks, law offices and companies in Israel and worldwide. EYAL also offers personal investigations and an array of related services.

Eyal Kidor is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Justice (license no. 4434/87) to run an investigation agency.

Financial-commercial investigations

We conduct overt and covert investigations designed to uncover a variety of business information about companies, partnerships, businesses, institutions, non-profits, and individuals.

The information we provide is used for various business purposes:
  Loan/credit decisions
  Value estimates
  Planning of marketing strategies
  Mergers & acquisitions
  Knowledge of competitors' plans 
  Testing a party's ability to meet financial
  Assessment of debtors' realizable property
  Employee reliability tests (polygraph),
   including industrial espionage,
   embezzlement and incompliance with work

Intellectual property Investigations
 We also conduct a variety of  investigation on the infringement of copyrights, industrial espionage, and illegal manufacture and distribution of fake products.

The data we gather includes information on restricted accounts, opinions of suppliers and customers, company liabilities, promptness of past payments, affiliated companies, credit history, legal information, types of business engagements, banking activities, investments, profits, and sources of income.


Personal investigations

  Fully confidential, no-obligation personal
  24-hr undercover investigations and
  Professional assistance from legal,
   financial and other experts
  Bug detection and sale/rental of
  Financial information
  Locating persons and properties
  Premarital investigations

With you all the way!
EYAL's professional staff offers you attentive service and custom-tailored solutions. Our investigators have many years of experience in personal investigations, and they use state of the art equipment in order to provide you with fast, reliable results. 

You can confide in us
EYAL's staff is always there for you and guarantees all the following: 
  Top professional standards
  Observance of clients' schedule
  Complete confidentiality
  The most reliable, effective and comprehensive solutions for your needs
  Reliable, up to date information at all times
  Personal consultation on any issue
  Recognition of your needs and interests 
  Convenient payment terms

Turn to us with every problem. We are always there for you.

בר כוכבא 14, בני ברק
ת"ד 908, מגדלי ויטה בני ברק
טל': 6187811 -03, פקס: 6187822 -03
נייד: 3891299 - 050

14 Bar Kochba St., Bnei Brak;
P.O.B. 908, Vita Towers ,Bnei Brak ,Israel
Tel: 972-3-6187811, Fax: 972-3-6187822
Cell:  050 - 3891299